How Sell Gold Jewelry

Retailers sometimes buy gold jewelry but not always. Gold parties are modeled after the traditional tupperware parties and guests are invited to bring their unused gold jewelry or any gold item that they are wishing to sell.

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Gold buyers and others ask you to send your scrap gold pieces to them for analysis.

How sell gold jewelry. Options for selling gold jewelry include. Therefore with them you shouldn t expect to get a price that is even close to the retail price of your jewelry. Don t worry if your jewelry pieces are old and broken gold rarely loses value because of that.

This way they can sell their jewelry in a friend s living room without having to go to a pawnshop or jewelry store. If your jewelry has stones pay close attention. Before making the final decision on which store to sell to carry out a check on their business reputation.

Not all gold party organizers offer their guests a fair. Try to sell old jewelry to jewelry stores. You can also sell your gold and silver jewelry coins silverware and dental work through cashforgoldusa the parent company which has nothing to do with the scandal ridden cash4gold which was embroiled in lawsuits and scandal for its 2009 super bowl ads.

Most jewelry however is likely to be melted down for scrap based on its weight and carat. There are also various companies such as goldsmart that offer smart safe and reliable methods for selling your jewelry. Here are a few reasons why.

So ask about them when discussing your jewelry with a gold buyer. They also aren t as likely to try to undercut you. A jeweler or gold buyer collects gold and sells it to a refinery which often pays more than 90 percent of market value.

A check on the price of gold revealed that it had an asking price of a 1 429 44 as at 11 54 a m. They re willing to pay more for your jewelry than pawn shops or outfits that just buy gold. With such companies you ll be able to trade your jewelry for the current market price which means that you ll make the entire process easier and less time consuming.

Gold jewelry that is by a significant brand like tiffany or cartier may be sold to a jeweler at a premium because of its name. Stones however are not sent to refineries. If you want to sell gold jewelry try to sell it to a jewelry store rather than a gold buying company because they re less likely to rip you off.

Other places to sell jewelry. Scrap gold is then melted down and sent on to other larger refineries. On 22nd october 2014 based on information from the perth mint.

Before completing the sale get several quotes so you can compare them and secure the best deal. If the price of gold is tempting you to sell unused jewelry countless companies are looking for ways to get their hands on that unwanted gold. That is definitely a very handsome price at which to sell gold jewelry.

Online jewelry and gold buyers. If they do they usually pay a price that is close to the. If you want the best price for your gold try to sell it to jewelry stores.

Gold dealers buy jewelry to melt it or sell it to buyers who will extract the gold themselves. How to sell gold jewelry. Jewelry stores know the real value of your used jewelry.

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